Clemons Library

Name Title Contact
Name Title Contact
Bennett, Arin Bradley Information Visualization Specialist Phone:(434) 243-2435
Burks, Todd C Teaching & Learning Librarian Phone:(434) 924-3162
Campbell, Marc Randall Video Preservation Specialist Phone:(434) 924-4222
Alvis, Ted Media and Software Instructor Phone:(434) 243-2321
Crooks, Stephanie A Events Coordinator Phone:(434) 243-8788
Deane, Scott E Overnight Manager, Clemons Phone:(434) 243-3758
Hodges, Richard Alan (Ric) Lead AV & IT Systems Engineer Phone:(434) 243-5597
Johnson, Antoine C Night Manager, Clemons Phone:(434) 924-8869
Kelly, Laura A Clemons Print Reserves Coordinator Phone:(434) 924-3573
Villereal, Steven Audiovisual Conservator Phone:(347) 866-7164
Wilk, Jeremy Manager, Clemons (I&S) Phone:(434) 924-4060
Newcomb, Arlyn Achsah Bayle Video Reserves Coordinator Phone:(434) 924-7957
Rockey, Leigh A Collection Management Librarian Phone:(434) 924-3812
Rourk, William M (Will) Information Visualization Specialist Phone:(434) 243-6300
Archey, Paula Teaching & Learning Librarian Phone:(434) 924-0928
Wolnick, Meridith A Director, Teaching & Learning Phone:(434) 982-2077
Holden, Robert St. John Robertson Media Center Operations Manager Phone:(434) 924-3836
McCord, Sean M AV & IT Systems Engineer Phone:(434) 243-2268
Carter, Regina S. Teaching and Learning Librarian Phone:(434) 924-7757
Mickel, Bethany Brooke Teaching & Instructional Design Librarian Phone:(434) 243-2282
Yi, Fang Educational Technologist Phone:(434) 924-8992
Hazelwood, John Thomas Stacks Supervisor, Brown and Clemons Libraries Phone:434-989-9559