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Jocelyn Triplett

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Triplett, Jocelyn Brie Olson

Manager, Digital Content Management & Dissemination

Library Experience

Digital Content Management & Dissemination

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(434) 982-2812

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University of Virginia Library
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Charlottesville, VA 22904-4109

Jocelyn oversees the Digital Content Management & Dissemination team, which develops and maintains technologies supporting the creation, management, and dissemination of rare and unique materials digital collections.

Jocelyn Triplett (MLIS, Florida State University; M.A., Classics, University of Virginia; B.A., Classical Languages, Carleton College) is the manager of the Digital Content Management & Dissemination (DCMD) unit, part of the Library Experience area. She oversees the development and maintenance of technologies supporting digitization of the Library’s rare and unique materials, and the management, long-term preservation, and dissemination of digital collections through the Library’s online catalog and external partners. Jocelyn has interests in emerging technologies for digital libraries, especially in digital asset management workflows and the presentation of digitized special collections.

Jocelyn joined the Library in 2007, and has worked in several departments as Digital Collections Librarian, Digitization Services Project Manager, and Metadata Specialist. Jocelyn Triplett, personal website and CV.