Collections Access Management

Collections Access Management maintains the Library’s physical collections by organizing and promoting access. Our work includes maintaining the stacks, special projects to ensure the long-term usability of Library materials, transfers of Library materials, retrieving and managing materials in our high density facility, updating holdings information, and working with instructors to put materials on reserve.

Name Title Contact
Name Title Contact
Vermillion, Michelle Erin Collections Access Manager Phone:(434) 924-4996 Location: Alderman Library

Elder, Joshua (Josh) Stacks Supervisor, Fine Arts and Music Libraries Phone:(434) 297-6489 Location: Music Library

Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library

Lindsay, Anthony Raymont Brown Science & Engineering Library Stacks Supervisor & Assessment Liaison Phone:(434) 297-6396 Location: Charles L. Brown Science & Engineering Library

Taliaferro, Angela M (Angie) Stacks Supervisor, Government Information Resources/Periodicals Phone:(434) 924-6374 Location: Alderman Library

Bryant, Susan Eloise Reserves Coordinator Phone:(434) 924-6607 Location: Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library

Kelly, Laura A Clemons Print Reserves Coordinator Phone:(434) 924-3573 Location: Clemons Library

Newcomb, Arlyn Achsah Bayle Video Reserves Coordinator Phone:(434) 924-7957 Location: Clemons Library

Magill, D. R. Tyler (Tyler) Ivy Stacks Liaison Phone:(434) 924-4112 Location: Alderman Library

Bartlett, Steve L Ivy Stacks Assistant Phone:(434) 924-0982 Location: Ivy Stacks

Gomola Mullin, Quinn Patrick Ivy Stacks Coordinator Phone:(434) 297-7622 Location: Ivy Stacks

Harmon, Matthew (Matt) Ivy Stacks Coordinator Phone:(434) 924-0982 Location: Ivy Stacks

Hiserman, Robert Anthony (Tony) Stacks Supervisor, Alderman Library Phone:(434) 982-2059 Location: Alderman Library

Hazelwood, John Thomas Stacks Supervisor, Brown and Clemons Libraries Phone:434-989-9559 Location: Clemons Library

Charles L. Brown Science & Engineering Library