Library Experience

What We Do: We strive to make the Library environment, both physical and virtual, pleasant, welcoming, and easy to navigate for all of our users. We also provide quality point-of-need information services. Our work includes:

  • Connecting users with information and other resources in-person and virtually at their point-of-need
  • Creating and maintaining a variety of beautiful, useful, and welcoming spaces
  • Developing and maintaining our search technologies and infrastructures that allow researchers to find and access our materials online.
    • Technologies include Virgo (online catalog), Libra (institutional repository), image viewers, specialized tools for making rare and unique materials accessible, etc.
  • Researching and implementing emerging technologies
  • Researching user needs and performing user testing on our virtual and physical systems
Name Title Contact
Name Title Contact
Ruggaber, Robin L Senior Director, Library Experience & Library CTO Phone:(434) 243-2305 Location: Alderman Library

Selby, Barbara S (Barbie) Director, Information Services Phone:(434) 982-2677 Location: Alderman Library

Lubinsky, Raymond Warren (Ray) Manager, Search & Access Technologies Phone:(434) 243-1974 Location: Alderman Library

Crater, Jeffrey Gordon (Zeke) Director, Space & Infrastructure Technologies Phone:(434) 982-4516 Location: Alderman Library

Heinze, Jill Director, User Experience Phone:(434) 243-1368 Location: Alderman Library