Scholars’ Lab

The Scholars’ Lab allows advanced students and researchers across the disciplines the opportunity to partner on digital projects and benefit from expert consultation and teaching. Our highly-trained faculty and staff focus on the digital humanities, geospatial information, and scholarly making and building at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds.

Name Title Contact
Name Title Contact
Booth, Alison Director of the Scholars' Lab Phone:(434) 924-1975 Location: Alderman Library

Boggs, Jeremy Kim Digital Scholarship Librarian Location: Alderman Library

Miller, Laura Martof Digital Scholarship Services Librarian Phone:(434) 924-7200 Location: Alderman Library

Shepherd, Ammon Edwin Digital Humanities Developer Phone:(434) 924-6265 Location: Alderman Library

Grizzle, Ronda Anne Project Management & Technical Training Specialist Phone:(434) 924-3965 Location: Alderman Library

Rourk, William M (Will) Information Visualization Specialist Phone:(434) 243-6300 Location: Clemons Library

Bennett, Arin Bradley Information Visualization Specialist Phone:(434) 243-2435 Location: Clemons Library

Gist, David C (Chris) GIS Specialist Phone:(434) 982-2637 Location: Alderman Library

MacQueen, Archibald Andrew (Drew) Geospatial Consultant Phone:(434) 243-2317 Location: Alderman Library

Visconti, Amanda Scholars' Lab Managing Director Phone:(434) 982-2102 Location: Alderman Library

Walsh, Brandon M. Head of Scholars' Lab Graduate Programs Phone:(434) 243-3603 Location: Alderman Library