Space & Infrastructure Technologies

The Space & Infrastructure Technologies team researches, innovates, implements, and manages technologies to enhance the Library’s public spaces and core infrastructure of hardware and applications.

Name Title Contact
Name Title Contact
Couch, Mary A (Mary Ann) Systems Engineer Phone:(434) 924-6952 Location: Alderman Library

Gartland, Robert M (Bob) System Administrator Phone:(434) 924-3576 Location: Alderman Library

Hodges, Richard Alan (Ric) Lead AV & IT Systems Engineer Phone:(434) 243-5597 Location: Clemons Library

Kois, Vincent Louis (Vince) Lead Systems Engineer and Administrator Phone:(434) 924-0770 Location: Alderman Library

McCord, Sean M AV & IT Systems Engineer Phone:(434) 243-2268 Location: Clemons Library

Miller, Richard J (Rich) AV & IT Systems Engineer Phone:(434) 924-0751 Location: Alderman Library

Seidel, Eric K AV & IT Systems Engineer Phone:(434) 243-8792 Location: Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library

Stevens, Timothy Scott (Tim) System Administrator Phone:(434) 924-1762 Location: Alderman Library

Crater, Jeffrey Gordon (Zeke) Director, Space & Infrastructure Technologies Phone:(434) 982-4516 Location: Alderman Library