Teaching & Learning

The Teaching & Learning team leads the development and implementation of new approaches for teaching and learning, creates programs that enhance student learning and develop undergraduate information literacy and research capabilities, and supports teaching strategies and activities across the domains for scholars at all levels. 

Newsletter (PDF): July 2017 | September 2017

Mission & Values

The Teaching and Learning (T&L) Team cultivates an environment for continual learning and critical making practices.  We draw upon learners’ personal experiences, challenge everyone to think critically, and encourage learners to engage with novel, varied research practices and technologies. The T&L Team is passionate about effectively teaching scholars from diverse backgrounds and promoting life-long learning, creativity, growth, and development while collaborating with our colleagues to connect scholarship and practice.

Name Title Contact
Name Title Contact
Alvis, Ted Media and Software Instructor Phone:(434) 243-2321 Location: Clemons Library

Burks, Todd C Teaching & Learning Librarian Phone:(434) 924-3162 Location: Clemons Library

Archey, Paula Teaching & Learning Librarian Phone:(434) 924-0928 Location: Clemons Library

Wolnick, Meridith A Director, Teaching & Learning Phone:(434) 982-2077 Location: Clemons Library

Nunley, Maggie Teaching and Learning Librarian for the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Phone:(434) 924-1343 Location: Charles L. Brown Science & Engineering Library

Carter, Regina S. Teaching and Learning Librarian Phone:(434) 924-7757 Location: Clemons Library

Mickel, Bethany Brooke Teaching & Instructional Design Librarian Phone:(434) 243-2282 Location: Clemons Library

Yi, Fang Educational Technologist Phone:(434) 924-8992 Location: Clemons Library