Alderman Library

Name Title Contact
Name Title Contact
Chestnut, Doug H Lead Engineer for Web & Mobile Development Phone:(434) 243-7248
Baker, Darlejean (Deej) Periodicals Specialist Phone:(434) 924-4958
Barbour, Donna P Lending/Retrieval/Mailroom Supervisor Phone:(434) 982-3094
Barnes, Sara L (Sara Lee) Development Events and Stewardship Coordinator Phone:(434) 243-8656
Baumann, Melinda User Experience Librarian Phone:(434) 243-8785
Beverley, Donald Edwin (Don) Library Express On-Grounds (LEO) Supervisor Phone:(434) 982-3095
Boggs, Jeremy Kim Digital Scholarship Librarian
Bombard, Suzanne E Staff Education and Development Coordinator Phone:(434) 982-2618
Breeden, James K (Jimmy) Lending/Retrieval Specialist Phone:(434) 982-3094
Brown, Teresa I Senior Finance Generalist Phone:(434) 924-1430
Bruce, Debra S (Debbie) Monograph Ordering Specialist Phone:(434) 924-6893
Chisholm, Lorrie S Digital Migration Projects Coordinator Phone:(434) 243-2315
Coleman, Patrick J (PJ) Manager, Alderman Desk Phone:(434) 243-1622
Cooper, Jean L Manager, Metadata Creation & Organization Phone:(434) 982-2743
Crickenberger, Milly C Director, Library Budget Phone:(434) 924-6304
Cobb, Kelly Croswell Rails/Hydra Software & Systems Engineer Phone:(434) 982-0022
Dahlhausen, Christian Systems Administrator/Developer Phone:(434) 924-4339
Daigle, Bradley J Content Lead Phone:(434) 924-4735
Dalton, Judy L Monograph Ordering Specialist Phone:(434) 924-7853
Davis, Cynthia M (Cindy) Metadata Specialist Phone:(434) 924-0933
Douglas, Robert Lydell (Rob) Library Facilities Operations Coordinator Phone:(434) 924-0507
Durbin, Michael (Mike) Lead Engineer for Repository Services Phone:(434) 982-2389
Farish, Mitchell Grant (Mitch) Content Editor Phone:(434) 243-2033
Fewell, Tracy Vaughn IT Technician Phone:(434) 924-5606
Fox, Brendan Patrick Fiscal Technician Senior (Finance Generalist) Phone:(434) 243-3949
Garcia, Patrick M Major Gifts & Grants Officer Phone:(434) 924-9640
Gartland, Robert M (Bob) System Administrator Phone:(434) 924-3576
Gilligan, Eliza Marie Book Conservator for University Library Collections Phone:(434) 924-6961
Goldstein, David P (Dave) Software Engineer for Scholarly Works Phone:(434) 924-7629
Granade, James W (Warner) Librarian for Spaces Phone:(434) 924-7324
Griles, Vernon D (Dave) User Experience Research Analyst Phone:(434) 924-4451
Grizzle, Ronda Anne Project Management & Technical Training Specialist Phone:(434) 924-3965
Harlow, Kathy B Interlibrary Services Borrowing Assistant Phone:(434) 982-2617
Harmon, Jennifer Scott Director, Library Human Resources Phone:(434) 924-4695
Harris, Mi Suk (Misuk) Metadata Specialist Phone:(434) 297-4888
Haschart, Robert J (Bob) Senior Software Engineer for Indexing Services Phone:(434) 243-8629
Heinze, Jill Director, User Experience Phone:(434) 243-1368
Helmlinger Stewart, Christine Danielle Interlibrary Services Borrowing Supervisor Phone:(434) 243-8868
Henley, Alice W AVI Resources Production Specialist Phone:(434) 243-7211
Hicks, Sandra M Circulation Specialist Phone:(434) 243-8786
Hill, Jeffrey Patrick (Jeff) Library Communications Phone:(434) 982-2749
Hunter, Stephanie Ann Circulation Specialist Phone:(434) 924-0710
Jensen, Kristin H Project Manager Phone:(434) 924-0085
Jordan, Lorraine F Administrative and Office Specialist Phone:(434) 924-7261
Kelly, John Lawrence (Jack) Software Engineer for Information Management Phone:(434) 924-7119
Kessler, Janis A Library Data Administration Specialist Phone:(434) 243-6121
Kois, Ginny M Binding and Preservation Specialist Phone:(434) 924-3870
Kois, Vincent Louis (Vince) Lead Systems Engineer and Administrator Phone:(434) 924-0770
Lubinsky, Raymond Warren (Ray) Manager, Search & Access Technologies Phone:(434) 243-1974
Majewski, Steven Dennis (Steve) Software Engineer for Digital Projects Phone:(434) 243-8721
McClurken, Kara M Director, Preservation Services Phone:(434) 924-1055
McEldowney, Philip F Research Librarian for Anthropology, Middle East and South Asia Studies Phone:(434) 924-4987
Miller, Kurt E Security and Inventory Management Computer Engineer Phone:(434) 982-2685
Miller, Laura Martof Digital Scholarship Services Librarian Phone:(434) 924-7200
Miller, Richard J (Rich) AV & IT Systems Engineer Phone:(434) 924-0751
Morton, Timothy Ryan (Tim) Manager, Resource Acquisition & Description/Electronic Resources Librarian Phone:(434) 924-4341
Moseley, Douglas Harry (Doug) Night Manager, Alderman Phone:(434) 924-4039
Neal, Susan Shelor Manager, Library Finance Phone:(434) 924-0508
Pardee, Jeanne C User Experience Research Coordinator Phone:(434) 924-3379
Perkins, Robert H JR (Hoke) Associate University Librarian for Philanthropy Phone:(434) 982-2865
Powell, Brenda H Financial Administrative Assistant Phone:(434) 924-3113
Proffitt, Samantha Leigh Interlibrary Services Scanning Supervisor Phone:(434) 924-0941
Putnam, Belinda R Monograph Receipt Specialist Phone:(434) 243-4306
Ramsey, Ellen C Director, Scholarly Repository Services Phone:(434) 243-7079
Reighart, Renee A Resource Sharing Librarian Phone:(434) 243-0479
Rice, Charles A Metadata Specialist Phone:(434) 924-7663
Ruggaber, Robin L Senior Director, Library Experience & Library CTO Phone:(434) 243-2305
Selby, Barbara S (Barbie) Director, Information Services Phone:(434) 982-2677
Setaro, Ewa I Receiving/Cataloging Specialist Phone:(434) 924-3206
Shepherd, Ammon Edwin Digital Humanities Developer Phone:(434) 924-6265
Shifflett, Holly Yvette Interlibrary Services Borrowing Assistant Phone:(434) 982-2617
Shisler, Scott Stuart Lending Library Assistant Phone:(434) 924-6542
Shriver, Karen K Curator, Flowerdew Hundred Collection Phone:(434) 982-0591
Sinden, Lorraine G (Lori) Business Operations Coordinator Phone:(434) 243-8787
Stalnaker, Annette K Assessment Librarian Phone:(434) 924-3240
Stevens, Timothy Scott (Tim) System Administrator Phone:(434) 924-1762
Stewart, Daniel Clayton LEO Delivery Driver/Library Materials Technician Phone:(434) 924-6542
Taliaferro, Angela M (Angie) Stacks Supervisor, Government Information Resources/Periodicals Phone:(434) 924-6374
Thokmey, Nawang Research Librarian for Tibetan Studies Phone:(434) 924-4981
Vermillion, Michelle Erin Collections Access Manager Phone:(434) 924-4996
Wang, Wei Research Librarian for East Asian Studies Phone:(434) 243-6253
Wang, Xiaoming Software Engineer for Search and Access Phone:(434) 924-7608
Welch, Peter S Enterprise System Engineer Phone:(434) 924-0505
Williams, Darryl T Mailroom Specialist Phone:(434) 924-0509
Williams, Melanie D Preservation Specialist Phone:(434) 924-3396
Wills, Angela Denise (Angie) Serials Subscriptions Specialist Phone:(434) 924-3489
Bevington, James T (Terry) Library Facilities Operations Coordinator Phone:(434) 924-0745
Bryant, Sandra Lieu (Sandy) Lead IT Business Analyst Phone:(434) 243-3774
Crater, Jeffrey Gordon (Zeke) Director, Space & Infrastructure Technologies Phone:(434) 982-4516
German, Robert F JR (Chip) Senior Director, Content Stewardship and Program Director, Academic Preservation Trust Phone:(434) 982-6388
Gist, David C (Chris) GIS Specialist Phone:(434) 982-2637
Glendon, Ivey Marie Manager, Metadata Analysis & Design Phone:(434) 243-0634
Lake, Sherry Heitchew Scholarly Repository Librarian Phone:(434) 924-6730
Roper, Jennifer O'Brien Interim Senior Director, Collections Access & Discovery Director, Acquisitions & Discovery Phone:(434) 982-2854
Ruotolo, Christine J (Chris) Director of Arts and Humanities Phone:(434) 982-2652
Thomas, Judith (Judy) Senior Director, Library Spaces & Services Phone:(434) 924-8814
Weimer, Keith Research Librarian for History and Religious Studies Phone:(434) 924-7702
Amico, Lorenza C Receiving/Cataloging Specialist Phone:(434) 924-7122
Gunter, Joyce L. Receiving & Cataloging Coordinator Phone:434-924-5465
Tolson, Donna J. Senior Director, Administration & Planning Phone:(434) 982-2957
Valladares-Llata, Miguel A Research Librarian for Romance Languages and Latin American Studies Phone:(434) 924-4983
Foster, Jr., Louis F. (Lou) Software Engineer for Digital Content Management Phone:(434) 924-1096
Butler, Brandon Director of Information Policy Phone:(434) 982-5874
Booth, Alison Director of the Scholars' Lab Phone:(434) 924-1975
Work, Lauren Digital Preservation Librarian Phone:(434) 924-1348
Onega, Esther E Director, Delivery & Access Phone:(434) 924-1011
Mitchell, Phylissa Denise Content Stewardship Librarian Phone:(434) 982-2860
Mengel, Guy M Director, Library Security and Facilities Management Phone:(434) 243-8783
Bartczak, Jeremy Metadata Librarian Phone:(434) 924-7522
Delahaya, Christian IT Technician Phone:(434) 243-2104
Jarmon, Staci Jenel Financial Expert Phone:(434) 243-1664
Pappas, Erin Arts & Humanities Librarian Phone:(434) 924-4982
Royal, Nicole Preservation Projects Specialist
Woloski, John Michael Lending Library Assistant Phone:(434) 297-7622
Unsworth, John M University Librarian and Dean of Libraries Phone:(434) 924-7849
Ghamandi, Dave S Open Publishing Librarian Phone:(434) 924-3845
Hiserman, Robert Anthony (Tony) Stacks Supervisor, Alderman Library Phone:(434) 982-2059
Kasik, Bryan Patrick Reference Librarian Phone:(434) 243-1878
Donovan, Susanna (Sue) Book Conservator Phone:(434) 924-8102
Walker, Nestor A Senior Software Engineer for Discovery Services Phone:(434) 924-2976
Soule, Kathryn D (Kathy) Project Manager for Library Space Services Phone:(434) 924-3591
MacQueen, Archibald Andrew (Drew) Geospatial Consultant Phone:(434) 243-2317
Reichert, Amber L User Experience Content Manager Phone:(434) 924-4254
Visconti, Amanda Scholars' Lab Managing Director Phone:(434) 982-2102
Walsh, Brandon M. Head of Scholars' Lab Graduate Programs Phone:(434) 243-3603
Fu, Rong (Veronica) East Asian Collections Librarian Phone:(434) 924-7791
Lin, Shane Shen Senior Developer Phone:(434) 924-6265
Taylor, Sunny Executive Assistant Phone:(434) 924-7849
Dillon, Ruth D'Angelo Library Spaces & Services Program Coordinator Phone:(434) 243-8713
Mitchell, Robin Executive Director of Advancement Phone:434-982-2812
Welte, Christopher M. Senior User Experience Design and Development Engineer
LeBlanc, Zoe Genevieve Digital Humanities Developer
Ray, Daniel Evan Music Metadata Librarian
Taylor, Russell Michael LEO Delivery Driver & Library Materials Processing
Paschke, Barbara J. Sr. Finance Generalist
Clark, Dennis T. Associate University Librarian for Public Services