Charles L. Brown Science & Engineering Library

Name Title Contact
Name Title Contact
Blanton-Kent, Beth W Manager, Collection Management Phone:(434) 924-6837
Johnson, Tammy Renee Manager, Library Staff Technology Phone:(434) 924-0988
Loggans, Amy M (Melissa) Information Services Manager, Subject Libraries Phone:(434) 924-6731
Nunley, Maggie Teaching and Learning Librarian for the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Phone:(434) 924-1343
Ford, Joe Clayton (Clay) Senior Research Data Scientist (RDS) Phone:(434) 243-6089
Alonzi, Loreto Peter III (Pete) Senior Research Data Scientist (RDS) Phone:(434) 924-7835
Claibourn, Michele Paige Director, Research Data Services & Social, Natural, Engineering Sciences Phone:(434) 924-3282
Patterson, Richard Joseph (Ricky) Research Librarian for Sciences/Engineering (SNE) Phone:(434) 214-0414
Albright, Charlotte Dalton Senior Human Resources Generalist Phone:(434) 243-3509
Garritano, Jeremy Research Librarian for Sciences/Engineering (SNE) Phone:(434) 982-0054
Trainum, John William JR Manager, Brown Science & Engineering (I&S) Phone:(434) 924-1367
Hazelwood, John Thomas Stacks Supervisor, Brown and Clemons Libraries Phone:434-989-9559
Huck, Jennifer Andrea (Jenn) Data Librarian and Public Policy Librarian (RDS) Phone:(434) 243-8480
Kechner, Nancy Ellen Research Software Specialist (RDS) Phone:(434) 924-0911
Corey, William Thomas (Bill) Research Data Management Librarian and Commerce Librarian (RDS) Phone:(434) 243-5882
Purpur, Erich Science and Engineering Librarian
Slaughter, Christine Social Science Research Librarian