Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library

Name Title Contact
Name Title Contact
Causey, Anne P Reference Librarian Phone:(434) 924-6635
Cooper, L G (Gayle) Special Collections Cataloguer Phone:(434) 924-0510
Defibaugh, Teresa S (Sharon) Processing Archivist Phone:(434) 924-4974
Gaynor, Edward F Acting University Archivist Phone:(434) 924-3138
Jordan, Ervin L Jr. (EJ) Research Archivist Phone:(434) 924-4975
Riser, Heather M Director of Operations Phone:(434) 924-4966
Rush, Regina D Reference Librarian Phone:(434) 924-3759
Schwartzburg, Mary A (Molly) Curator Phone:(434) 243-4805
Welch, Ellen Leigh Archives/Manuscript Processor Phone:(434) 924-4972
Whitesell, David Curator Phone:(434) 243-4808
White, Penny Reference Librarian Phone:(434) 243-1672
Deane, Christina M Manager, Digital Production Group Phone:(434) 924-4026
Hatcher, Barbara A Special Collections Acquisitions Specialist Phone:(434) 924-3366
Pierceall, Samuel B (Sam) Image Digitization Specialist Phone:(434) 924-1418
Trainum, June T Operations Coordinator Phone:(434) 924-4957
German, Samuel Brill (Sam) Technical Lead Phone:(434) 982-5260
Wilkinson, Elizabeth Archivist Phone:(434) 924-4967
Azizi, Joseph Special Collections Stacks Supervisor Phone:(434) 924-3183
Lee, Carla H Deputy University Librarian Phone:(434) 243-2390
Robertson, Holly Exhibitions Coordinator Phone:(434) 243-5861
Appiah, Krystal Instruction Librarian Phone:(434) 243-8194
Parascandola, Jacqueline Lucy (Jackie) Miniature Book Cataloger Phone:(434) 982-2280
Gunn, Brenda Associate University Librarian for Archives and Special Collections Phone:(434) 924-1037
Amos, Eze Francis Image Digitization Specialist