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Judith E. Thomas

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Thomas, Judith (Judy)

Senior Director, Academic Engagement

Library Services and Spaces

jthomas at


Alderman 508

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University of Virginia Library
PO Box 400710 Clemons Library
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4109

Judy directs the Library Services & Spaces area, providing leadership in University Library efforts to engage deeply with students and faculty in fulfillment of the research, scholarship, teaching, and learning mission of the University.

Judy is the Senior Director of Library Services & Spaces, which is charged with enhancing the research, artistic production, and learning of faculty and students through collaborations on emerging and current approaches to research, scholarship, artistic production, teaching, and learning. Judy’s past experience includes administrative responsibility for a number of libraries at UVA; developing media collections and services; and developing and supporting innovative uses of technology to further the scholarly aims of our faculty and students.