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Kelly E. Cobb

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Cobb, Kelly Croswell

Rails/Hydra Software & Systems Engineer

Academic Preservation Trust

kec6en at Virginia.EDU


Alderman 503

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University of Virginia Library
PO Box 400109
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4109

Kelly's work consists mostly of maintaining the Ruby on Rails web application for the APTrust Fedora repositories by implementing new features as needed and ensuring the current code remains usable and up to date.

Prior to joining the University of Virginia staff on the Academic Preservation Trust project, Kelly was a student at the University, double majoring in Drama and Computer Science while graduating a year early. During that time she interned with the Corporation for National Research Initiatives, working on similar data repositories that organized data into a manageable Curriculum Vitae for users. Additionally, she worked as a student electrician in the Drama Department's Light Shop for five semesters. Her professional areas of interest include flexible front end development, such as Ruby on Rails, database management, and using predictive programming to develop music and light shows.