Arts & Humanities

The Methods in Research—Arts & Humanities team supports and enhances the research activities of UVA faculty and students in the arts and humanities. The Arts and Humanities team possesses a broad range of disciplinary, technical, and language expertise, enabling them to respond to the varying needs of faculty and students in these disciplines.

Name Title Contact
Name Title Contact
Coleman, Rebecca A Research Librarian for Architecture Phone:(434) 243-4837 Location: Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library

McEldowney, Philip F Research Librarian for Anthropology, Middle East and South Asia Studies Phone:(434) 924-4987 Location: Alderman Library

Thokmey, Nawang Research Librarian for Tibetan Studies Phone:(434) 924-4981 Location: Alderman Library

Valladares-Llata, Miguel A Research Librarian for Romance Languages and Latin American Studies Phone:(434) 924-4983 Location: Alderman Library

Wang, Wei Research Librarian for East Asian Studies Phone:(434) 243-6253 Location: Alderman Library

Ruotolo, Christine J (Chris) Director of Arts and Humanities Phone:(434) 982-2652 Location: Alderman Library

Weimer, Keith Research Librarian for History and Religious Studies Phone:(434) 924-7702 Location: Alderman Library

Pappas, Erin Arts & Humanities Librarian Phone:(434) 924-4982 Location: Alderman Library

Stylianopoulos, Louann W (Lucie) Art, Archaeology, and Classics Librarian Phone:(434) 924-6604 Location: Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library

Flanigan, Abigail Karin (Abby) Research Librarian for Music and Performing Arts Phone:(434) 243-8433 Location: Music Library