Information Services

The Information Services team connects users with information and other resources, both in person and virtually at their point of need, and creates and maintains a variety of beautiful, useful, and welcoming spaces.

Name Title Contact
Name Title Contact
Coleman, Patrick J (PJ) Manager, Alderman Desk Phone:(434) 243-1622 Location: Alderman Library

Deane, Scott E Overnight Manager, Clemons Phone:(434) 243-3758 Location: Clemons Library

Granade, James W (Warner) Librarian for Spaces Phone:(434) 924-7324 Location: Alderman Library

Hicks, Sandra M Circulation Specialist Phone:(434) 243-8786 Location: Alderman Library

Hosticka, Trillian Suzanne Reference Librarian Phone:(434) 982-2895 Location:
Johnson, Antoine C Night Manager, Clemons Phone:(434) 924-8869 Location: Clemons Library

Ingram, Vicky L Manager, Physics (I&S) Phone:(434) 924-6589 Location: Physics Library

Hunter, Stephanie Ann Circulation Specialist Phone:(434) 924-0710 Location: Alderman Library

Loggans, Amy M (Melissa) Information Services Manager, Subject Libraries Phone:(434) 924-6731 Location: Charles L. Brown Science & Engineering Library

Moseley, Douglas Harry (Doug) Night Manager, Alderman Phone:(434) 924-4039 Location: Alderman Library

Summers, Cheryl L Manager, Mathematics Library & Brown Library Course Reserves (I&S Phone:(434) 924-3159 Location: Chemistry Library

Sun, Biao (Bill) Manager, Music (I&S) Phone:(434) 924-4619 Location: Music Library

Trainum, John William JR Manager, Brown Science & Engineering (I&S) Phone:(434) 924-1367 Location: Charles L. Brown Science & Engineering Library

Wilk, Jeremy Manager, Clemons (I&S) Phone:(434) 924-4060 Location: Clemons Library

Selby, Barbara S (Barbie) Director, Information Services Phone:(434) 982-2677 Location: Alderman Library

Freeman, Trayc Night Manager, Brown Science & Engineering Library Phone:(434) 243-3762 Location:
Kasik, Bryan Patrick Reference Librarian Phone:(434) 243-1878 Location: Alderman Library

Holden, Robert St. John Robertson Media Center Operations Manager Phone:(434) 924-3836 Location: Clemons Library

Baker, April Joy Fine Arts Desk Manager Phone:(434) 243-1044 Location: Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library

Wyatt, William David Brown Library Night Manager Location: Charles L. Brown Science & Engineering Library